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The Royal penguin belongs to a group of penguins commonly known as crested penguins. All species of crested penguins have heads adorned with yellow feathers. Some consider this species to be a distinct race of the Macaroni penguin. This is the only crested penguin to have a white face and throat.

Royal Penguin
Eudyptes schlegli

Standing Height:
26 InchesWeight:12 PoundsPlumage:

Black body, white front. Long yellow-orange plumes originate from the crown and project backward over the eyes. Face and throat are white, leading onto white breast.Eyes:




Common: Royal penguin.
Scientific: Eudyptes schlegli. Eudyptes meaning good diver and schlegli referring to Professor H. Schlegli for whom this penguin is named.

Breeding is restricted to Macquarie Island and adjacent islets. Wintering range in subantarctic waters.

Crustaceans, fish, squid.

Nest in large, dense colonies on open, level, beaches. Remain on breeding grounds May-September. Non-breeding range is unknown.

Two eggs are laid, the second being significantly larger than the first. The first egg is usually ejected by the female before the second is laid. Both parents incubate during the 35 day duration, but usually it is the male that tends to the chick for the first weeks after hatch. Chicks creche at 3 weeks, and fledge around 65 days old.

Leopard seals, skuas, giant petrels, and Wekas.

Conservation Challenges and Solutions:
Fisheries interactions. This penguin was once collected for oil, but the population has recovered. The population is threatened by oil spills and other marine pollution.

Population/IUCN- The World Conservation Union designation:
Vulnerable population estimated at 1,700,000 birds.

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